You must have, at some point, searched “shipping container rental near me” online, however, the results were probably not as satisfying as you thought. Well, now that you’re here, this blog will help you find your box at the most competitive leasing rates near you!

Let’s say you’re in need of shipping containers for a short period of time, then leasing would be the way to go. So you type ‘shipping container rental near me’ into your search bar, in hopes to find a good deal that suits you best. But instead, you’re met with an overflow of information that leaves you overwhelmed. The main challenge here is you don’t know which suppliers to trust and if the rate you are seeing is worth paying!  Moreover, you’re pressed for time as you need to send out a shipment soon. And that leads you to make a hasty decision that could have unwanted repercussions. 

Well, with Container xChange, there’s no need to worry about information overload, sketchy suppliers and costly deals. Our job is to make your container logistics operations as smooth and efficient as possible. 

For this, we’ve designed a platform where you can lease containers from trusted suppliers at a price that works for you. Check it out by trying our public search feature below. This search bar will connect you to suppliers from all around the world. You can compare container prices and availability and find the box you need all with a click of a button. Just type in your location, choose the container you desire, and hit search, to find a shipping container rental near you in no time! 

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Shipping container rental near me: How much does it cost?

Whether you need a shipping container for storage or transportation purposes, you may be asking yourself ‘how much would a shipping container rental near me cost?’ It’s vital to know that this cost is usually determined by what the pickup charge might be. These pickup charges can fluctuate and are affected by several factors. 

Factors that affect shipping container rental near me:

  • Size of the container
  • Lease period agreed upon
  • Container condition 
  • Location
  • Supply and demand 

With all these things affecting the cost of shipping container rentals, it can be tricky to determine an average pickup charge. That’s why we’re going to take a look at three popular stretches as well as their average pickup charges per container on the Container xChange platform: 

Average pickup charges for popular shipping container rentals near me

The most sought-after containers on the market are standard shipping containers. These boxes commonly come in three sizes: 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC. Below are the average pickup charges for each of these boxes across three different stretches: 

Container Stretch Pickup charge (USD)
20ft dry container  Ningbo – Houston, TX $214
Antwerp – Qingdao $475
Qingdao – Moscow $692
40ft dry container  Ningbo – Houston, TX $395
Antwerp – Qingdao $566
Qingdao – Moscow $1,196
40ft HC container  Ningbo – Houston, TX $367
Antwerp – Qingdao $211
Qingdao – Moscow $813

Note: All the rates you see are based on the transactions made on the xChange platform and are subject to changes.

Average pickup charges of standard containers

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Shipping container rental near me: 3 popular containers and their uses

Now that you have an understanding of the average lease rates of these widely popular boxes, let’s recap on how you can utilize them to benefit your business. 

Have a look at the table below to uncover more details about 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC containers and their uses: 

Container type Use
20ft dry container  A 20ft dry container is a type of shipping container that is commonly used for the transportation of various types of goods. They can also be used for storage, retail and commercial space, housing and agriculture.
40ft dry container A 40ft dry container has the same uses and benefits of its 20ft counterpart, only, it offers more space to ship or store more goods.
40ft HC container  A 40ft High Cube container is taller than a standard 40ft container, allowing for more voluminous cargo to be shipped, such as lightweight, bulky goods. The additional height also makes it great for storing larger items.
Pro tip: You can get these boxes on the Container xChange platform easily. Whether you’re in need of shipping goods or simply storing them, we offer high quality containers sourced by some of the most well-known suppliers in the industry. Find the box you need from 10,000+ containers at the best rates, all in your preferred location! Click here to start your journey now! 

Storage shipping container rental near me

As you may already know, shipping containers are exceptionally versatile. Not only can you use them for shipping, but they’re great for storage options too! So, if you have some extra cargo, materials or machinery and don’t know where to put it, opting for a storage shipping container rental is the easiest solution for you. You can access your items whenever you need them, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle and expense of traditional off-site storage facilities. The best part is that you don’t have to commit to buying one either. By leasing through our platform, you’ll be introduced to a more streamlined and flexible way to manage your container operations. So, let’s see what other benefits await you when you join us: 

Benefits of leasing a shipping container on Container xChange

Leasing a shipping container on Container xChange offers several benefits that make it a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike. Here are 4 benefits we offer:

  • 100% transparency – so you’ll always be kept in the loop regarding all your container operations
  • Connect with vetted members – negotiate deals with trustworthy members on our platform.
  • Customer support – our friendly, hands-on staff are happy to support you every step of the way
  • Secure payment handling and release reference confirmation – manage and keep track of all your transactions using your xChange Wallet

4 benefits of leasing a shipping container on container xchange

Shipping container rental near me: Find competitive lease rates in 2500+ locations

For a more reliable and cost-effective way to transport goods, leasing a shipping container on Container xChange is the way to go. Our online platform makes it easy and affordable to find the perfect container at the most competitive lease rates.

We have over 1500+ members in 2500+ locations worldwide, so you can find a shipping container rental near you at reasonable rates. Plus, our online platform offers 10,000+ containers, all in different sizes, types and conditions, so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for. 

For safe transactions, we have the xChange Wallet.With this, you’ll be able to manage all your transactions in one place. You don’t need to go through all that extra effort paying multiple bills because with this secure payment handling feature, you’ll only need to pay one bill. Efficiency made just for you! 

You already know that each of our members are vetted, but you can also view their company profiles and compare different reviews before working with them. This way, you’ll be able to confidently make more informed decisions about who you’re interacting with.

And don’t worry about the quality of the container – we’ve got you covered there too. Our quality assurance and dispute resolution processes ensure that you’re getting high-quality service from start to finish. 

So, finally your search is over for shipping container rentals near me! Come onboard our platform and find great leasing deals on boxes from safe suppliers.  Reach out to our experts and let them show you why Container xChange is the go-to platform for all your container needs!

Shipping container rental near me: Common FAQs

What is the rate for renting a shipping container?

The rate for renting a shipping container varies depending on demand, location and length of the lease period. The average pickup charges for a 20ft shipping container starts from US $500 or more.

Is renting a shipping container better?

Renting a shipping container may be a better option if you need the container for a much shorter period of time. For example, if you need on site storage in different locations, then leasing a container will work better.

How long does a shipping container rental contract last?

The duration of a shipping container rental contract is dependent on the company and type of lease agreement chosen. These agreements can last from months to years. Some companies offer month-to-month options and others prefer a more long term lease.