A shipping container garage makes a practical and cost-effective storage space for vehicles, machinery, and more. Get top ideas for container garages here, plus how to get the best deals on containers for your conversion projects. 

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            What is a shipping container garage?

            A shipping container garage is a garage structure created by repurposing one or more new or used shipping containers. Container garages can be used to store cars or other vehicles, as well as tools, machinery, and more. 

            Repurposing containers into garages has become increasingly popular due to their structural integrity, modularity, and relatively low cost when compared to traditional construction methods.

            Creating container garages involves alterations such as changing the position of the doors, as well as repainting and adding ventilation. We’ll get into more detail on this later in the blog. 

            Why use a shipping container as a garage?

            Here are some of the top reasons to use shipping containers to create strong, budget-friendly garage spaces that will keep vehicles and other possessions safe and protected all year round.

            Cost-effective: Building garages from scratch includes purchasing expensive materials like wood, bricks and concrete. On top of this, there’s the labor costs to consider. All in all, building a permanent structure is likely to add up to a lot more than shipping container modification.

            Durable: Containers are made from corten steel, an extra durable material that can resist rust and corrosion. 

            Weather resistant: Shipping containers are built to withstand rough weather at sea, including storms, heavy rains and floods. So they’re exactly what you need to keep vehicles, machinery, boats, or other possessions safe and dry through all seasons. 

            Quick to set up and modify: Unlike building garage structures from scratch, shipping containers can be delivered to a site and set up quickly, reducing the overall project time, and with it, the cost.

            Mobile: Containers are designed for intermodal transport (via trains, trucks and ships), so you can move them quickly and easily if needs be. 

            Which container size to use for shipping container garages

            Before buying containers for garage conversion, you’ll need to decide on the size that suits your customer’s needs. Here are the three main container sizes used for garages.

            20ft shipping container garage

            A 20ft shipping container is best suited to smaller sites with less space available. This compact container can fit around 4 to 5 small motorbikes comfortably, or one standard-sized car.

            40ft shipping container garage

            The 40ft container has significantly more space than its 20ft counterpart. For example, you could park two standard-sized cars in this container, or up to 8 motorbikes. Small boats such as dinghies, inflatables, or jet skis can also be stored comfortably. 

            40ft HC shipping container garage

            The 40ft high cube has the same dimensions as the 40ft container, but with an extra foot of height. So if your customer has extra tall vehicles or boats, this container is ideal.

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            Best shipping container garage ideas for you 

            There are various ways to use shipping containers to create the perfect customized garage space. Here are a few ideas.

            Lean-to carport

            A lean-to carport consists of a roof that’s attached to an existing structure. In the case of a container garage, this involves a canopy or fixed roof attached to a shipping container on one side, and poles or columns on the other. Depending on how much space is needed, you can opt for either a 20ft, 40ft or 40ft HC for this design.

            Double-attached container garage

            A double-attached container garage is made up of two shipping containers that have been fixed together. The interior walls are removed so that one larger container is created out of the two smaller ones. 

            Usually, adding two 20ft containers together will provide more than enough space for standard-sized vehicles. If your customer wants to store more vehicles (or larger ones), a 40ft or 40ft HC can be used.

            Containers side-by-side with canopy roof

            This design consists of two shipping containers with an open or enclosed space between them, acting as an extra storage or parking area. If an enclosed space makes more sense, opt for a sloped roof, to allow for rain runoff. If you want more height for the canopy, opt for a 40ft HC.

            Containers side-by-side with arched roof

            The side-by-side with an arched roof design is the same concept as above, only this time, an arched roof connects the two containers. This way, taller vehicles, agricultural machinery or even boats can be parked in the space in between. Again, if you want extra height for the space in between, the 40ft high cube is ideal.

            Converting a shipping container into a garage

            And now for the finer details. Here are the main elements you’ll need to modify when turning a container into a garage.

            Modifying shipping container garage door

            For a container garage, standard shipping container doors aren’t effective for all vehicle types. 

            If larger vehicles need to be parked or stored, you’ll have to move the position of the doors to one of the longer sides of the container. You can simply opt for a side-door container for easy access. Remote-controlled doors are ideal for garages, making coming and going more convenient. 

            Adjusting shipping container garage roof

            When converting a container into a garage, adjusting the roof is essential. This is because shipping container roofs are usually straight or slightly corrugated, which doesn’t allow for adequate water or snow runoff. Adding a sloped or peaked roof will solve this problem.

            Insulation and ventilation

            Both insulation and ventilation are extremely important for garages. Insulation is needed to regulate the temperature inside; keeping it cool in summer, and warm in winter. Ventilation, in the form of air vents, fans or even windows, helps to keep excess moisture out and avoid condensation. You can also opt for ventilated or insulated containers

            Exterior walls

            If you buy used containers for your garages, you’ll need to touch up dents and scratches with a fresh coat of paint. Even if you buy new containers, you may want to repaint them so that they fit in with their surroundings and are more aesthetically pleasing. 

            Alternatively, you can buy units in your preferred shipping container color on our container marketplace

            Car ramp

            If your customer is using the container garage to store vehicles, they’re going to need a ramp. You can either opt for a permanent concrete or metal ramp, or a detachable one. This will depend on how often vehicles need to be driven in and out of the garage.

            How to find containers for shipping container garage

            Finding the containers you need for container garage conversions has never been quicker or easier. Don’t believe us? Here are the three simple steps to buying containers on xChange safely, and hassle-free.

            Browse and compare offers in one place

            Once you know which container sizes you need for your garage projects, hop onto our container trading marketplace to start browsing offers that match your search criteria. 

            You’ll be able to see prices, the container condition, as well as who the container supplier is. 

            Negotiate directly with sellers

            Once an offer catches your eye, contact the seller directly on xChange. Here you’ll be able to negotiate a price that suits you. 

            Make safe payments

            When the deal is finalized, you can make safe payments right on the platform. All of our transactions are encrypted, to ensure maximum security when paying online. You can also reach out to our support team 24/5 if you have any questions or concerns. 

            Buy good-quality containers for container garages at the best prices

            Safe payments and negotiable prices sound good, right? But wait, there are even more benefits to enjoy once you subscribe. 

            • 7-day money-back guarantee: Unhappy with the containers on inspection? You’ve got 7 days to return them and get your money back. Because your satisfaction is our top priority. 
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            Shipping container garage: Common FAQs

            Do shipping containers make good garages?

            Shipping containers make excellent garages for vehicles and boats, as they’re durable, weather-resistant and easy to relocate if needed. They’re also cheaper to set up than traditional garage structures, which need to be built from scratch.

            Which container size can be used to store a car?

            The standard 20ft shipping container can be converted into a garage space for a single car, or up to five motorbikes. If you need to store two cars, a larger number of motorbikes, or boats, the 40ft or 40ft high cube is a better option.

            How do you convert a container into a garage?

            To convert a shipping container into a garage, you’ll need to change the position and size of the doors (so that vehicles can be driven in and out easily), add insulation and ventilation, and install a ramp, among other things.