Last updated: 11 October, 2023

If you’re looking for shipping container price in Australia you’re at the right place. In this blog, we’ll give you the latest container prices and tell you how you can make the most profitable deals. Want to skip the blog and directly see sales offers in Australia? Click here to get started.

How much you pay for shipping containers will significantly impact your revenue. However, finding containers at the right prices is not always easy. Container prices are constantly changing and with the lack of price transparency in the industry – you can never be too sure that you’re paying the right price.

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Shipping container price in Australia: How much to pay?

Australia is a significant player in the global shipping industry, with its geographical location making it a major transit hub for shipments moving between Asia and the Americas. Millions of twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of cargo pass through the country every year.

As with all countries, the shipping container prices in Australia depend on a variety of factors. This includes:

The average price of a standard (cargo-worthy) 40ft shipping container in Australia is $1,435. Want prices for more container types? We’ll get into this in more detail in the next section. So that you can make an informed decision when you start browsing container offers online.

20ft standard shipping container price in Australia

20ft dry containers are a popular container size for transporting dry goods including grains, electronics and machinery. They’re also one of the most affordable containers in the market – with the prices of a cargo-worthy 20ft shipping container being $1,005 on average in Melbourne, Australia. 

If you’ve got a smaller shipment of dry goods, the 20ft is the perfect lightweight container for your shipping needs. Check out the dimensions of this container below to see if your cargo will fit.

20ft standard container

It’s important to remember that the price of shipping containers varies from one location to another. The same 20ft cargo-worthy container will cost you around $1,345 in Melbourne, Australia.

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40ft shipping container price in Australia

If you’re transporting larger, bulkier shipments, you should opt 40ft standard containers. They’re double the capacity of the 20ft container.

This size is also more cost-effective than choosing two 20ft containers – as one 40ft container is usually only around 30% more expensive than one 20ft. Check out the dimensions of the 40ft dry container right now, to see if this size fits your requirements better than the 20ft.

40ft standard container

So how much does will this spacious container cost you in Australia? The average price of a cargo-worthy 40ft shipping container is around $1,480 in Brisbane. Think you can find yourself a better deal? Check out the sales offers for 40ft containers in your preferred location!

40ft HC shipping container price in Australia

The 40ft high cube (HC) has the same measurements as the standard 40ft dry container, with an extra foot of height. This means you can pack in taller cargo, as well as larger volumes of goods.

You can get a cargo-worthy 40ft HC container for around $2,272 in Brisbane. The same container will cost you around $1,920 in Melbourne. 

Now that you have a rough estimate of standard shipping container prices, it will be easier for you to buy them at the best prices. On the Container xChange trading marketplace, you can buy 12 types of shipping containers from vetted sellers in 2,500+ locations globally, including Australia.

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Reefer shipping container prices in Australia

Reefers, or refrigerated containers, are designed to transport temperature-sensitive cargo. This includes dairy, meat, pharmaceuticals and ice. Reefers are a popular container type in Australia as they’re crucial for maintaining the cold chain logistics.

You should ideally choose a cargo-worthy or IICL container for shipping perishable cargo. Reefers that aren’t in a good condition can cost a fortune to repair, so opting for containers in good condition will save you a lot of cash.

You can get IIClL reefer containers for around $8,400 in Brisbane, Australia. Click here to check out more sales offers for reefer in your location in Australia.

Want prices for special containers? Get them on xChange

Apart from reefers, you can also find special containers of all kinds in Australia. Some common special containers include double-doors, open-tops, pallet-wides and flat-racks.

Special containers may have their roof or walls removed to provide space for out-of-gauge cargo. As a result, they’re more expensive than standard containers. For example, a used 40ft flat-rack container in Australia costs around $3,000. But you can still browse through various other offers on our platform to get special containers are low prices. Check out the prices of special containers in your location today.

New & used shipping containers for sale Australia

The demand for used shipping containers is higher than the demand for new equipment in Australia. Why? Used, or ‘cargo-worthy’, containers are considerably cheaper than new containers and are often easier to get your hands on.

Let’s compare the prices of new and used equipment now.

The cost of a used container depends on the size. Typically, a cargo-worthy 20ft container in Australia can cost you anywhere between US $1,000 and US $1,600. And a cargo-worthy 40ft container will cost around US $1,700. For a cargo-worthy high cube, you’re looking at US $2,500.

On the other hand, a new 20ft container will cost you around US $2,600, and for a new 40ft HC you’re looking at US $4,037.

One thing to keep in mind when buying cargo-worthy equipment? Make sure you get a thorough inspection done to avoid picking damaged containers. Additionally, also check for ISO approval, and that the container has a valid CSC plate. 

Luckily, as a member of Container xChange, you’ll have access to certified container surveyors in 4000+ locations on the platform. These surveyors check if the containers you want to buy are structurally sound and safe to ship cargo.

So you can get all of your containers checked and certified, using the very same platform you find containers on. 

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How much does it cost to ship containers to Australia? 

We’ve already seen that used shipping containers are quite affordable. However, if you’re still looking for yet another cost-effective option to ship your cargo – you can lease containers instead. 

On the Container xChange leasing platform, you can connect with 1500+ vetted container suppliers to lease containers from. Let’s imagine you have a shipment from Shenzhen, China to Melbourne, Australia. Instead of buying containers for this stretch, you can simply lease SOC containers for this one-way move. The average shipping container cost from China to Australia is $660.

Cost of shipping containers from USA to Australia

The United States and Australia have a close and cooperative trade relationship. Australia is currently United States 21st largest goods trading partner. If you want to ship your cargo from the Chicago, US to Sydney, Australia, you’ll have to pay somewhere around $350 pick-up rates for this stretch. Want to check out the leasing and pick-up rates for your stretch? Simply click here to find leasing offers in your location!

See container supply in Australia to trade containers at best prices

Container prices vary even within Australia and depend essentially on the supply and demand of containers. To make the best deals, it’s important to stay updated about the current supply and demand data. 

One easy way to do this is through xChange Insights. With the xChange Insights tool, you can check for locations with surpluses and deficits any time of the day or night. What’s more, you can use this data to buy containers at low prices and sell them at higher prices – in order to make a profit. 

You can also access data from months and even years ago on Insights. This helps analyze market trends and helps you gain a better understanding of how the market shifts.

Insights graph for container supply in Australia

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Buy containers in Australia at the best prices

So now you’ve got the lowdown on shipping container prices in Australia. What’s more, you’ve learned that you can use our Insights tool to find the best locations to buy and sell equipment. 

Now it’s time to see how you can use the xChange platform to buy containers at best prices. 

All you’ve to do is type in the location and container type on our platform to find available offers that fit your criteria. You can then compare deals to find the one that best suits your requirements and budget. 

And once you’ve found the deal that you like, you can negotiate directly with the seller! Plus, all payments on xChange are 100% safe with the xChange Wallet. 

As a member of the trading platform, you’ also enjoy:

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Shipping container price Australia: Common FAQs

What’s the average shipping container price in Australia?

The average price for a 40ft standard shipping container in Australia ranges from US $1,500 to US $2,500 depending on the container type, size and condition.

How much does a 40ft shipping container cost in Australia?

The average price you’ll pay for a standard cargo-worthy 40ft container in Australia is US $1,700. Container prices are dependent on a number of factors including the current market situation, container condition and supply and demand.

How much does a 20ft container in Australia cost?

For a standard 20ft cargo-worthy container, you’re looking to shell out around US $1,500. Again, this depends on the location, condition and current market situation.